Preserving our ancient tradition of being one
with nature to overcome the adverse
features of industrialization..
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We at Kadadasi have made it our goal to strive towards preserving our ancient tradition of being one with nature, through the recycling of waste to overcome the adverse features of industrialization. Raw materials used in the production of our quality paper comes from the unnecessarily wasted materials from industries in the surrounding areas and also from by-products of agriculture. In keeping with our credo of uplifting our community, Kadadasi’s main work force consists of women from the village of Bollatha, which has led to income generation and improvement in their quality of life and the preservation of the environment. Kadadasi is, proudly, an eco friendly cottage industry aimed not simply at profits, with even the machinery used in production made by the village Blacksmith. Kadadasi is situated in a village called Bollatha, nestled among acres of Paddy fields, Coconut trees, marsh and woodlands. The village consists 200 families with many in our employ, all working towards the simple goal of a sustainable future.

Our products range from designer to tailormade; all crafted with extreme care to make sure you get only the best.

Wrapping paper gift bags, stationery, greeting cards, presentation boxes, drip mats, table mats etc.

Address: Rohini Bollatha, Ganemulla, Sri Lanka.
Tel: +9411 2241464 / +94777781513 / +94714716340

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