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Kadadasi is not only a paper making business but also a social enterprise passionate about creating a safe and empowering work environment for our female workforce. Our employees are our biggest asset and we encourage them to balance their family lives with work. We have offered flexible work hours to parents enabling them to spend time with their families. 


As we are determined to provide women in our village a safe working environment, our workforce mainly consist of single mothers, women from estranged families with no financial backing. So this is our way of giving back to our community by empowering these determined women and making them financially stable and independent.  


In a show of appreciation for our hardworking staff to make Kadadasi what it is today, and to acknowledge their contributions and creative input, most of our papers are renamed after its creators.  Sevwandi, Dhammika, and Nirosha are few of the papers that proudly bear the names of its creators who supported us with their ideas and valuable input to bring these products to life. 

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