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Why Kadadasi ?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Every day we look at making small yet significant changes to our lifestyles, changes that will make a meaningful impact to ease the burden we place on our planet. Changes that come in the form of deterring ourselves from picking up a plastic bag at the grocery store, shopping responsibly by perusing vendors who are eco-conscious, and looking up ways to recycle waste to reduce our contribution to landfills.

If you constantly consider the above in making responsible choices, you should make recycled paper part and parcel of your life, one of the greenest choices available to one.

The Importance of Recycled Paper

Papers which are crumpled or shredded and thrown away with no second thought consist of fibers that can be recycled up to 4 to 5 times.

In choosing recycled paper, you are not only saving trees, you are advocating for eco-friendly manufacturing processes. The process of creating recycled paper consumes 31% less energy as opposed to creating virgin fiber paper and is not re-bleached as it is mainly oxygen which is used in place of chlorine. Gallons of water too is saved as an astonishing total of 30,000 liters of water is used in the production of 1 ton of virgin paper.

By opting for recycled paper you will also contribute to lessen CO2 emissions by 20% that is caused through the process of incinerating paper.

Our Village, Our Ethos

As an eco-friendly cottage industry, we at Kadadasi are committed to doing our bid to fight the adverse effects of industrialization. Our goal is to minimize the waste contributing to landfills already choking a tiny island nation. We breathe new life into industrial waste material and agricultural by-products by recycling them into unique pieces of meticulously handcrafted recycled paper products providing a greener substitute for the eco-conscious you.

Hailing from a village from the west of Sri Lanka, Bollatha is nestled amongst acres of lush green paddy, coconut trees, marsh and woodland. This is a locality home to nearly 200 families out of which many had found employment at Kadadasi. Not only do we make a conscientious effort to create a sustainable line of eco-friendly products, we are also committed to uplifting the livelihood of our local community. Even the machinery used in our workshop had been cleverly crafted by the village blacksmith.

And most importantly as an initiative founded and spearheaded by a woman, one of our main credos at Kadadasi is empowering females. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that over 95% of our workforce consists of women from our local community. Through this vocation, we provide them with an opportunity to be financially independent and improve the overall quality of life of their families.

Our Forest

Data from Global Forest Resource Assessment indicates that globally nearly 80,000 – 160,000 trees are cut down each day. As you may have rightfully assumed, a significant percentage of these trees are utilized by the paper industry in the creation of virgin paper.

As a recycled paper manufacturer where a single tree is not felled in our process, we strive to take our commitment to our planet a few notches higher. Over the years Kadadasi has grown and maintained over 02 acres of forest. We had successfully created a thriving ecosystem, rich in biodiversity with many endemic species now calling this man-made forest their home. This is our contribution to the future generation and a proud testament that one can work with nature by not depleting its resources or as with Kadadasi, giving twice as much back to the environment.

Go green, Go Kadadasi

By supporting endeavors like Kadadasi which is consciously making an effort for you to leave a greener footprint, you are incorporating an impactful change into your lifestyle. Our handcrafted recycled paper product line is unique and fun in design and comes in a myriad of colours and prints. Our products include 100% eco-friendly notebooks, presentation boxes, gift bags, wrapping paper, tablemats & coasters, and seasonal ornaments just to name a few. And what more? our products can be tailor made to suit your very specific requirements.

Let’s work towards a sustainable future, let' make recycled paper and products a staple in your day-to-day life.

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