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Taking care of your Kadadasi Products

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

At Kadadasi, our recycled paper product line includes 100% eco-friendly presentation boxes, gift bags, notebooks, wrapping paper, tablemats, and seasonal ornaments just to name a few. As handmade products, a lot of love and care is put into crafting each item. Most importantly, we are adhering to 100% eco-friendly manufacturing processes. In doing so it is salient that we keep chemicals and toxins out our handcrafted products. We take humble pride in acknowledging that even the vibrant colours our products boast of are non-toxic.

By purchasing a Kadadasi product, you have made an eco-conscious decision to help the planet as our aim is to give a second life to virgin paper resulting from industrial waste. .

So now you’re a proud owner of a Kadadasi product. Being mindful of recycled paper and following the simple steps provided below to protect your product against the elements suffices for you to enjoy your purchase from Kadadasi for a longer period of time. So let’s learn how to take care of your handmade paper product.

As the products are handmade by our paper artisans in our workshop that does not use any electrically powered machinery, it is important to note that each sheet of paper is unique to one another. Therefore, each sheet has slight variances when it comes to the grammage, colour, and texture.

It is imperative in taking care of your paper products, that you do not place it in direct sunlight. As with sun-damage, the colours of your product will fade and appear dull overtime.

As the products are paper based, avoid placing your products in wet and damp areas. Moisture will cause the paper to disintegrate destroying your beautiful and unique purchase from Kadadasi in no time.

Like any natural paper product, our products would not last a lifetime, especially given that we abstain from using chemicals and additives in the manufacturing process of our paper. But we guarantee our products are made to the highest standards to go above and beyond for its intended purpose. By being mindful in the usage and storage of your product, you will be able to enjoy Kadadasi products for an extended period of time.

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